Glasgow's family history discovery day 2018

Helping you discover your ancestors - June 9th at 10am.

What can you expect to find?

Attend our Glasgow's Family Discovery Day 2018 and you'll learn how to strengthen your family across generations. Get simple advice about finding your ancestors and all the tips and tricks you'll need to get your own genealogy project off the ground.

This full day of lectures and workshops is completely FREE! We'll be aiming to cater for all skill levels so don't shy away if you've never done family history before, we'll help get you started.

Guest speakers

We are privileged to have two special guests presenting.

Chris Paton

Irish Family History Resources Online
10:20am - 11:25am

There is a popular belief that Irish family history research is virtually impossible because all the records were burned in the Irish Civil War. But as Northern Irish born family historian Chris Paton demonstrates, the glass is most definitely half full rather than half empty when it comes to research in the Emerald Isle.

Doctor O'Brien

Dr. Irene O'Brien

The 'poor' records
11:30am - 12:30Pm

The talk will examine the poor law system after 1845 and look at who got help and types of relief. The last and major part of the talk will look at the system in action using applications from our collection in Glasgow City Archives, which will tell the story of Glasgow's poor.

Our other speakers

Alison Spring

Killing off your ancestors
12.40am & 2:45pm

Bronwen Fogg

Success in Family History Starts with Your Family Tree
12:40pm and 2:45pm
'An overview of Family Search/Family Tree and how this programme can help you do amazing things in Family History. Tips and Tricks for your successful journey into Family History

Roger Gardiner

Using the internet to Discover Ancestors
12.40am and 2.45pm
Why Google? What can I expect to find?, Google Images, Family websites, The Hidden Treasures!

Sandy Duncanson

Scanning and Adding Photos, Stories and Certificates on
11.30am and 2.40pm
Workshop - 15 minute segments (Register on our website in advance) Bring some Photos and Certificates which can be scanned and added to your Family Search site.

June Cumming

Finding ancestors on
2:20pm and 3:00pm

James Greer

James Greer

Indexing; How Small Batches Become a Great Miracle - Learn How to Index
An Introduction to Indexing - The Role of Indexing in Family History, How to Index and Tips and Tricks for success.

Full event agenda

Why not plan your day now. Decide ahead of time which sessions would be most suitable for you and other party members.

Event agenda

Event Address

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
35 Julian Avenue, Kelvinside, Glasgow, G12 0RB

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